I started this webshop in 2021 with a goal to curate a shop for the little ones with quality clothing, toys and care products that can tolerate wash after wash and be passed down to siblings or sold as pre-loved clothing.

My own mini team consists of three small children and because of the constant (but lovely) chaos around me, I love the idea of owning less but better. 

We are based in Denmark but I come from Finland, and thus, The Mini Team Shop loves Scandinavian minimalistic brands. In addition to the Scandinavian brands, we carry a few European and North American brands that design neutral, sustainable, easy-to-wear and easy-to match garments.

We collaborate with brands who love to leave a beautiful planet behind them: vendors that commit to reduce environmental impact through for example certifications: B Corp certification, GOTS, Fair Trade, OEKO-Tex or using recycled materials (recycled wool, recycled polyester etc).  

Every customer is important for us, so please don't hesitate to contact us in case anything pops up in your mind!

Welcome to the universe of The Mini Team.