Joha - Merino Wool Leggings - White
On sale - 60%
Joha - Merino wool leggings - Dark blue
On sale - 60%

Uncompromised quality, great design and perfect fit: these are the three values Joha has been striving after since 1963.

Joha's woolen clothes have EU Ecolabel and Woolmark certificates, which means that Joha's production methods and materials are of high quality. Joha also carries the "Animal Welfare" certificate, which tells about the good living conditions of the sheep.

Why does The Mini Team love Joha's products: first of all, their merino wool products are of high quality: they last long and can be forwarded from sibling to sibling and even further. Secondly, we love everything made of natural fibres. Merino wool suits to any kind of adventure regardless of the season: yes, your child can wear it even in the summer! The fibres of merino wool regulate body temperature, transfers sweat away as a vapor and also keeps odour away! Merino wool is also very soft and kind fabric against the child's or baby's skin.

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